November 19, 2019

Last week, I talked to a classmate about my love of music, writing and photography. She asked me if I thought there were any commonalities between my hobbies and my future career and, I’ll admit, her question caught me off guard; I had never been asked that before.

I pa...

February 5, 2018


    As college students, one of the first questions we’re asked in a social situation is what we are majoring in.  More often than not, the question that immediately follows is why we chose it or what we plan on doing in the future.  This topic...

November 16, 2017

             If you’re anything like me, people have painstakingly urged you to create a LinkedIn profile (with no success) for a longer time period than you’d like to admit.“I don’t have enough experience,” “I’m too young,” or “I don’t know enough professionals to mak...

September 26, 2017

    Columbus-native style and travel blogger Lauren Powers was kind enough to offer blog information and advice at the PRSSA meeting on September 20th. Lauren grew up incredibly passionate about business and photography and began her college years in NYU’s photography...

September 19, 2017


    On September 13th, PRSSA was lucky enough to be joined by Jarrett Dunbar from Nationwide Marketing for a night of conversation on sports public relations. Jarrett graduated from Ohio University with a degree in broadcast journalism. Prior to his career as p...

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