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Recap: The Media Captain

September 8, 2016


Digital marketing lingo can be complicated, especially if you're unfamiliar with the topics and terminology. We wanted to break down Jason's presentation into simple language, so everybody can benefit from the amazing things he had to say. 


  • The possibilities are endless with digital marketing. People all over the world have access to the content you contribute.

  • However, the key is not to just share the content, but to track the sales. You can have all the followers, friends and likes in the world on your personal social media, but that doesn't necessarily translate in your ability to sell and advertise for companies. 

  • That's why internships and jobs that give you the opportunity to get your hands dirty in real-life situations are so valuable, and will teach you things you simply can't learn in the classroom. 


  • Jason gave us ways to get started on our entrepreneurship and digital marketing careers:

    • Pitch stories on Twitter to media outlets with compelling ideas - for yourself or your company. Getting content published adds tremendous value.

    • Create video content, which is inherently captivating and appealing to the eye - a huge trend.

    • Become familiar with Google Analytics, an incredibly useful tool that provides you with data necessary for smart business decisions.

    • Find something you're passionate about, but have thick skin. This is an industry based on opinion.

    • Lastly, get out there and hustle!

I hope this helped condense all the valuable advice Jason gave us yesterday. All of our speakers have different backgrounds and careers, so please, never hesitate to reach out with questions or ask for clarification. 


We'll see you next week, with Aurora from Victoria Secret! 




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