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Five reasons I chose to major in strategic communication

January 20, 2017

1. Two words: Olivia Pope.

The woman handles some of the largest political crises you could imagine and she does so with such grace. What a dream it would be to one day wear the white hat.




But on a more serious note…


2. You can go anywhere.

When I started sharing with people that I was pursuing a degree in communication, they always asked “What do you want to do with that?” and I never had an answer. But that’s the beauty of it. Communications is such a broad world with a variety of paths available to take. What’s not to love about that?!


3. People. People. People.

Socializing is part of the job! Everyone always stresses the importance of networking, especially in our field. Some may think of it as a task, I on the other hand accept the challenge. I love meeting new people. Get coffee with me, tell me about your passion, your kids, anything! If it leads to a job connection or a client gig, great! If not, then I’ve got a new friend.




4. Every day is different.

Communications is always changing. Communications is fast-paced. No two days are the same. I can fall in love with a new business, product, or organization every day. I can assure I will never be bored with my work and I’ll always be learning something.


5. Current events.

I’m a nosey person. I love being the first to know anything and everything. Keeping up with current events and who said what via social media is a huge part of the communications world. Plus, there are a lot of times you’re the first one they call when some new dish is out.


 So, if you can't quite decide what you'd like to major in, I highly recommend considering this versatile and multifaceted career path. Best decision I ever made! 


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