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RECAP: Lauren Powers

September 26, 2017

    Columbus-native style and travel blogger Lauren Powers was kind enough to offer blog information and advice at the PRSSA meeting on September 20th. Lauren grew up incredibly passionate about business and photography and began her college years in NYU’s photography program. After a few months at school, she decided to take a year off and spent some time developing her creativity here in Columbus. She later decided to finish school at a different college and received her degree in graphic design with a minor in business.     

    Lauren began work at a restaurant, but was left with a lingering feeling of emptiness. She started her first blog “A Few of My Favorite Things,” where she showcased art, style and travel posts. She credits this blog as the source of newfound confidence as well as providing her with a creative outlet that gave her a sense of purpose and meaning. Lauren had eventually created a loyal community around her blog, and went on to develop her current style and travel blog, “An Explorer’s Heart”.


     Lauren says that the first step to creating a blog is to consider your positioning. It is important to have a vision and a plan based on your interests and what opportunities will be readily available to you at the start. You can be an influencer, a photographer, a writer, or an entrepreneur, and there are ways that you can make money from each of them. Lauren says that you should think of your blog as your “online portfolio” or “home base” where you can build your authority and your brand. What you post should be representative of you and influential in reaching your goals. It is pivotal to start local and build your credibility from the ground up.     

    It is crucial to check the availability of your proposed blog name and make sure that the name is available over all social media forums. Lauren says that username consistency is key in transferring followers from forum to forum and to avoid follower confusion. This should increase your tagged posts and overall traffic on these sites, hopefully increasing popularity. It is also important to have a basic blog design to have displayed on the website and all social media apps to encourage this continuity as well.  She says that your five to ten best pieces of content should be up and ready on your website with an active about page. These works should be centered around what Lauren calls your “sweet spot,” which is making content that you are passionate about and have the resources to have a powerful voice with at this point in time. According to Lauren, your “sweet spot” should be a niche that you are able to be creative with and fit yourself into an already established market in order to grow your audience and end up high on the first page of Google search results. Lauren says that these pieces of advice are all plausible ways to “turn your followers into funds” and make a name for yourself in the competitive world of blogging.

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