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Podcasting is changing political PR

October 28, 2019



Throughout its history, the United States has experienced exceptional prosperity relative to the rest of the world. This rich history has caused our culture to expect high standards of living and equality of opportunity for everyone. These high expectations create complex problems. In political media, the presidential candidates are tasked with providing solutions to a variety of polarizing issues in America. This is a major challenge for candidates; therefore, they need an efficient and comprehensive medium to communicate their message to the public. The current media landscape is demonstrating that television is an inferior medium to podcasting for distributing political messages.


In a traditional television interview or debate, candidates do not have enough time to answer tough questions entirely. The length of discourse is held under constraint by commercial breaks. This systematic problem damages television’s ability to disseminate complex information.


Luckily, the popularity of podcasting is quickly rising. Podcasts are a better medium for discussing complex topics related to political campaigns because they encourage an elongated discourse. Advertisers can't interrupt media content which assists political candidates’ effort to explain their policies and ideologies. Discussing proposed solutions at length is crucial to creating awareness and helping voters make informed decisions.


Podcasting is an example of informational advertising for political candidates. I find this method to be superior to transformational advertising, which uses emotional appeals and lacks policy details. Joe Rogan, one of the most popular podcasters in the media industry has conducted interviews with three different Democratic presidential candidates so far this election cycle. Candidates across the spectrum are eagerly participating in podcasts to create awareness surrounding their identity and campaign. It is a superior medium of political discourse compared to television.


Podcasting represents an exciting opportunity to increase transparency between political candidates and voters. This creates more accountability among elected officials. Hopefully, an improved system for political discourse leads to higher levels of voter education and improved participation on election day.  

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