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How to Get Through the End of the Semester

November 10, 2019


How many of you feel like Mr. Krabs right now?  Yeah, me too.


With the end of the semester approaching, stress is at an all-time high. Final projects, papers and exams are swarming around us and our social life is basically non-existent. Don’t forget about sports or clubs you’re in, weekly homework, prior commitments and your job, too!


You’re probably stressing about upcoming due dates and the limited amount of time you have, then you start to panic because you’re so stressed out that you just want to lay in bed and binge watch your favorite show on Netflix. Does that sound about right?


Well, no need to worry! Below are some tips to help you through the end of the semester while staying successful at the same time.


Plan Ahead

As much as we hate to admit it, procrastination may have a role in our stress. (Or maybe because our professors make every assignment due at the same time). Either way, it’s important to take a little bit of time out of your day to plan accordingly for these assignments and exams.


First, go through each class syllabus and write down every important due date. Next, take a look at your work schedule and other important dates to ensure nothing overlaps. If you feel overwhelmed with outside conflicts, don’t be afraid to ask for work off or to say no to grabbing dinner with a friend—your employer will most likely be understanding if you ask early and you can go out to eat anytime. Finally, create a schedule that prioritizes your assignments and dedicates time to completing them, even if it’s just thirty minutes a day. The work will begin to chip away and you’ll be feeling much more prepared.


Find Motivation

We all know the struggle of having no motivation, especially when senioritis takes over. How are you supposed to study for hours, write endless amounts of papers or stare at the same homework problem you’ve been stuck on all week when you just want to give up? Try rewarding yourself.


Study breaks, watching an episode of your favorite show, snacks or really anything you want to do are all ways to give yourself a quick reward for finishing a task. Not to mention that Thanksgiving and winter break are right around the corner! Soon you can sleep in as late as you want, spend time with friends and family, and eat delicious food.



Getting a full eight hours of sleep, eating well and staying active are all important when reducing stress. It may seem hard to do all of this while studying, but even a glass of water or walking to a new study location can keep you motivated and relaxed. Plus, with limited sleep, it’s difficult to perform well when all you can think about is how cozy your bed is.


Find a time to treat yourself. Whether it’s grabbing some ice cream at UDF, watching a movie at Gateway or relaxing in the sauna at the RPAC, it’s beneficial to take your mind off schoolwork for a bit. Okay, these might all be activities I enjoy doing, but you know what I mean.


Overall, all of this can be boiled down to finding the right balance. Managing your time will allow you to achieve the most crucial assignments, but it’s also important to understand that not every single thing on your to-do list will be completed. Take the time to prioritize yourself, especially your health—it’s going to be hard to perform well if you’re not feeling 100%. Lastly, know that you’re putting forth as much effort as you can and the semester will be over before you know it.




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